“The Case of the Poison Cheesecake”: 48 Hours Reports April 27 2024

The chilling episode of “48 Hours” titled “The Case of the Poison Cheesecake,” set to air on April 27, 2024, takes viewers deep into a twisted tale of identity theft and attempted murder. The story centers on Viktoria Nasyrova, a Russian immigrant in New York, who aimed to steal the life of her lookalike, Olga Tsvyk, by poisoning her with a cheesecake laced with sedatives.

This sinister plot unfolds in Queens, New York, where Nasyrova, posing as a friend in need of urgent beauty services, approaches Tsvyk, a beauty stylist. What follows is a series of events that combine deceit, drugs, and a desperate fight for survival.

The Crime

On a seemingly ordinary day, Olga Tsvyk was contacted by Viktoria Nasyrova who requested an emergency beauty treatment. Despite it being her day off, Tsvyk agreed to help her client. Nasyrova arrived at Tsvyk’s home with a seemingly innocent gift — a cheesecake. Unbeknownst to Tsvyk, the dessert was infused with a powerful drug.

After consuming the cheesecake, Tsvyk began to feel unwell and eventually lost consciousness. Nasyrova then used this opportunity to ransack Tsvyk’s apartment, stealing her identity documents and valuables. This act was not just theft but a clear attempt to take over Tsvyk’s life.

Hospitalization and Initial Investigation

Tsvyk was found in a dire state by her neighbor who promptly called for medical help. She was hospitalized for several days, during which tests failed to initially detect any drugs. This mysterious illness prompted further investigation by the local authorities.

Detective Kevin Rodgers of the NYPD was alerted to the situation when he received reports of missing items from Tsvyk’s apartment. His investigation began at the hospital and quickly led back to the cheesecake Tsvyk had eaten on the day she fell ill. Rodgers secured the remaining pieces of the cheesecake, which were sent for forensic analysis.

The Pursuit of Nasyrova

The investigation hit several dead ends until links to other similar incidents began to emerge. Another victim, Ruben Borukhov, came forward with a story strikingly similar to Tsvyk’s, involving Nasyrova and symptoms of drug-induced incapacitation. This pattern of behavior helped the police to focus their investigation on Nasyrova as the prime suspect.

Nadia Ford, whose mother had vanished under mysterious circumstances in Russia, also suspected Nasyrova’s involvement. Ford’s hiring of Herman Weisberg, a private investigator, was pivotal. Weisberg used Nasyrova’s social media and other digital footprints to locate her, leading to her arrest in March 2017.

Forensic Breakthroughs and Arrest

The cheesecake sent for analysis finally tested positive for Phenazepam, confirming it had been laced with the drug. DNA evidence found on the cheesecake container matched Nasyrova, solidifying her connection to the crime. These forensic breakthroughs provided the necessary evidence to charge Nasyrova.

Following her arrest, detectives discovered Tsvyk’s stolen belongings in Nasyrova’s apartment. The evidence was overwhelming, leading to Nasyrova’s indictment on several charges, including attempted murder and identity theft.

The Trial and Conviction

The trial of Viktoria Nasyrova was a closely watched event, drawing significant media attention. Prosecutors presented a compelling case against Nasyrova, highlighting her calculated attempt to murder Tsvyk and steal her identity. Emotional testimonies from Tsvyk and other victims painted a vivid picture of Nasyrova’s manipulative tactics.

After extensive deliberations, the jury found Nasyrova guilty, and she was sentenced to 21 years in prison. This verdict was a relief to Tsvyk and other victims, who finally saw justice served.

Conclusion and Aftermath

“The Case of the Poison Cheesecake” episode promises to offer a comprehensive view into one of the most bizarre and disturbing crimes. This story is not only about the crime itself but also the broader issues of identity theft and the psychological impact on victims. As Nasyrova serves her sentence, the episode serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers lurking in everyday interactions and the resilience required to confront and overcome such profound betrayals.

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