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Where are Tim Amacher & Colleen Larson Now? 2024 Update & Background

Tim Amacher

Tim Amacher, known in his community as a charismatic and skilled taekwondo instructor, owned and operated a local martial arts studio in Minneapolis. His reputation as “Master Amacher” was well-established, drawing many to his classes where he taught the principles of taekwondo, including self-control and integrity. Amacher’s influence extended beyond the dojo, as he was also a prominent figure in local social circles, often described as confident and engaging by those who knew him.

Before the events that led to his conviction, Amacher’s personal life intertwined with his professional one. He was well-liked and respected in the community, seen as a mentor by many of his students. His leadership skills and personal charm helped him build a successful business and a network of loyal followers, which would later play a significant role in his legal troubles.

Involvement in the Shooting

Tim Amacher’s life took a dramatic turn when he was implicated in the attempted murder of Nicole Lenway, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. The prosecution argued that Amacher orchestrated the shooting due to a bitter custody battle and ongoing personal conflicts with Lenway. His control over people in his life, particularly Colleen Larson, who carried out the shooting, was a focal point of the trial.

Evidence presented during the trial suggested that Amacher might have used his influence over Larson to convince her to commit the crime. Despite his initial attempts to distance himself from the incident, further investigation revealed inconsistencies in his alibi and his possession of a vehicle matching the description of the getaway car seen in surveillance footage. This evidence ultimately contributed to his conviction for attempted first-degree premeditated murder and aiding an accomplice.

Current Status

As of the last updates, Tim Amacher is serving an 18-year sentence in prison. His trial and the subsequent conviction have had a profound impact on his personal life and professional reputation. The case received significant media attention, casting a shadow over his previous standing in the community. Amacher’s story serves as a stark reminder of how personal vendettas and the misuse of influence can lead to serious criminal behavior and the downfall of an individual once held in high esteem.

Colleen Larson

Colleen Larson was a former taekwondo student of Tim Amacher, having trained under him since her adolescence. Her involvement with Amacher deepened over the years, transitioning from a student-teacher relationship to a more personal and, eventually, romantic one. Larson moved into Amacher’s home at the age of 18, a move that coincided with her increased dependence on him, both emotionally and financially. Her close proximity to Amacher and her loyalty to him played a crucial role in the events that led to her criminal actions.

Larson’s relationship with Amacher was characterized by a significant power imbalance, which prosecutors argued influenced her decision to commit the crime. Her admiration and trust in Amacher made her susceptible to manipulation, as evidenced by her actions and subsequent legal troubles. This dynamic was critical in understanding her motivations and the psychological factors at play in her decision to shoot Nicole Lenway.

Role in the Shooting and Legal Consequences

Colleen Larson’s involvement in the shooting of Nicole Lenway was direct and deadly. She was identified as the person who physically carried out the attack, shooting Lenway in broad daylight. During the investigation and trial, it was revealed that Larson had acted under the influence and direction of Tim Amacher, highlighting the manipulative dynamics of their relationship.

Larson pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree premeditated murder, receiving a sentence of 16-and-a-half years. Her confession during the trial and her expression of remorse played a role in her sentencing. Larson’s case is a tragic example of how deeply personal relationships can skew judgment, leading to catastrophic decisions with long-lasting consequences.

Current Status

Colleen Larson is currently serving her prison sentence. Her story raises important questions about influence, control, and responsibility, particularly in relationships where one individual holds significant sway over another. Larson’s future beyond her incarceration remains uncertain, but her case serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of misplaced loyalty and the severe implications of criminal actions influenced by others.

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