Jaclyn Edison & Nicolas Shaughnessy: Where Are They Now?

This profile examines the current lives of Jaclyn Edison and Nicolas Shaughnessy, central figures in a high-profile case involving the murder of Nicolas’ father, Ted Shaughnessy. The case, which drew significant media attention, resulted in different legal outcomes for the two.

Nicolas Shaughnessy

Nicolas Shaughnessy received a 35-year prison sentence for his role in the murder plot. He is currently serving his term, which includes the possibility of parole.

While in prison, Nicolas has shown an interest in furthering his education. Reports suggest he is working towards an associate degree, indicating a desire to better himself during his incarceration.

One of the most tragic aspects of this case is the impact on the mother-son relationship between Nicolas and Corey Shaughnessy. Nicolas has expressed a desire to mend this relationship, though the extent of their current communication and reconciliation is unknown.

Nicolas has a long road ahead in prison but seems to be focusing on positive pursuits like education. His plans post-release, while far in the future, appear to be centered on finding legal means of income and possibly rebuilding familial relationships.

Jaclyn Edison

In a plea deal with the district attorney’s office, Jaclyn Edison pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit capital murder by terror threat or other felony. She received a sentence of 120 days in jail and 10 years’ probation. As part of her parole requirements, Edison must spend one night in jail each year on the anniversary of Ted Shaughnessy’s murder for the next decade.

Upon completing her four-month sentence, Edison was confronted by “48 Hours” producer Jenna Jackson, who questioned the leniency of her sentence compared to the 35-year terms given to Nick Shaughnessy and the hitmen. Edison defended the fairness of her sentence, stating it reflected her level of involvement in the plot.

In the interview with Jackson, Edison was accused of being a partner in the murder plot. She denied any involvement, attributing such claims to Nick’s attempts to clear his name and Corey’s state of denial. She firmly stated she had no role in the plot and did not finance the hitmen.

Since the trial and her subsequent release, Edison has maintained a low profile. Her public statements, especially during the “48 Hours” interview, indicate a stance of minimal involvement in the crime, contrasting with the perceptions and statements of others involved.

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