What Happened to Jeff German? 2024 Update & Background

Jeff German was born on August 23, 1953, and over a career spanning more than four decades, he became one of the most respected investigative journalists in Las Vegas, Nevada. German’s journalistic journey began after completing his education, where he quickly established himself as a tenacious reporter with an unwavering dedication to uncovering the truth. He joined the Las Vegas Sun, where he spent a significant portion of his career before moving to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. German’s reporting focused on a wide range of topics, including organized crime, political corruption, and high-profile criminal cases, earning him a reputation for fearless and uncompromising journalism.

Throughout his career, German was known for his meticulous approach to investigation, often delving deep into the intricacies of Las Vegas’ underworld and the corridors of power within the city’s political landscape. His work not only informed the public about the complexities of crime and corruption in Las Vegas but also played a crucial role in holding those in authority accountable for their actions. German’s contributions to journalism were characterized by his ability to navigate the challenges of investigative reporting, a testament to his skill, persistence, and commitment to the principles of the profession.

Pivotal Reporting and Contributions

Jeff German’s investigative work covered a broad spectrum of stories, but he was particularly renowned for his coverage of organized crime and government corruption. One of his most notable contributions was his in-depth reporting on the 1980 MGM Grand fire, one of the deadliest fires in the history of the United States, which led to significant changes in fire safety regulations. German also played a key role in exposing corruption among Clark County commissioners through a series of articles that highlighted the FBI’s investigation into bribery and corruption, which ultimately led to several convictions.

In addition to his newspaper reporting, German authored “Murder in Sin City: The Death of a Las Vegas Casino Boss,” a book that explored the mysterious death of Ted Binion, heir to the Binion’s Horseshoe casino fortune. This work further solidified his status as an expert on crime and justice in Las Vegas. German’s commitment to investigative journalism extended to multimedia, as he contributed to the “Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas” podcast series, offering insights into the city’s history with organized crime. These contributions showcased German’s versatility as a journalist and his ability to engage with a wide audience through different platforms.

The Tragic End of Jeff German

On September 2, 2022, Jeff German was found murdered outside his Las Vegas home, a brutal end to the life of a journalist who had dedicated his career to shining a light on the darkest corners of society. German had been stabbed to death in what appeared to be a targeted attack, sparking outrage and concern across the journalism community and beyond. The investigation into his murder quickly unfolded, revealing a connection to his professional work and the dangers faced by investigative journalists. German’s death highlighted the risks inherent in exposing wrongdoing and challenging powerful interests, underscoring the importance of protecting journalists in their pursuit of accountability and transparency.

Aftermath and Justice for Jeff German

The investigation into Jeff German’s murder led to the arrest of Robert Telles, a Clark County public administrator who had been the subject of German’s investigative reporting. Telles was charged with German’s murder after evidence, including surveillance footage and DNA analysis, linked him to the crime. The case against Telles drew significant attention, not only for the shocking nature of the murder but also for the implications it had for press freedom and the safety of journalists. As the legal proceedings against Telles progressed, the journalism community rallied to honor German’s legacy, emphasizing the need for measures to protect reporters and ensure they can continue their work without fear of retaliation.

In the months following German’s murder, the focus turned to both seeking justice for the veteran journalist and reflecting on the impact of his work. Colleagues, readers, and advocates for press freedom paid tribute to German’s contributions, highlighting his role in exposing corruption and contributing to the public good. The legal battle over Telles’ charges and the ongoing investigation into German’s death served as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those who dare to report on sensitive and controversial issues. As the case continues to unfold, Jeff German is remembered as a pillar of investigative journalism, whose legacy continues to inspire and influence the profession.


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