“Alisa Mathewson’s Night Terrors”: 48 Hours Investigates February 24 2024

At 9 PM ET/PT February 24 2024, the encore airing of the episode of “48 Hours” titled “Alisa Mathewson’s Night Terrors” presents a deeply unsettling narrative of survival, manipulation, and the quest for justice. Correspondent Peter Van Sant unravels the story of Alisa Mathewson’s harrowing experience at the hands of her estranged husband, Trevor Summers.

In March 2017, what started as an attempt by Trevor to reconcile with Alisa quickly degenerated into a nightmarish ordeal spanning over two days. Summers, exploiting his own children in his elaborate scheme, forced entry into Alisa’s home, leading to a series of events that would leave an indelible mark on everyone involved. The episode provides a comprehensive account of these events, enriched by interviews, evidence photos, and firsthand accounts, offering viewers a profound insight into the complexities of domestic violence and the importance of the judicial system in delivering justice.

The Ordeal Begins

On a seemingly ordinary night in Valrico, Florida, Alisa Mathewson’s world turned upside down. With her young children asleep beside her, the last thing she expected was her estranged husband, Trevor Summers, violating a court order by breaking into her home. The episode chillingly recounts how Trevor manipulated their 14-year-old daughter into leaving a window open under the guise of facilitating a discussion about reconciliation. This marked the beginning of a 55-hour terror spree that would push Alisa to her limits.

Once inside, Trevor’s actions quickly escalated from unsettling to terrifying. Utilizing holiday lights and scarves to bind Alisa, he transformed the sanctuary of her home into a prison. The narrative takes a darker turn as Trevor’s intentions become clear—kidnapping, sexual assault, and attempts on Alisa’s life. The episode painstakingly details these acts, underscoring the severity of the ordeal Alisa endured, all while her children were manipulated into unwitting accomplices to their father’s heinous acts.

The Fight for Survival

Despite the gravity of her situation, Alisa’s will to survive never waned. The episode highlights a critical moment of bravery when, during a stop at a Walgreens, Alisa seized an opportunity to escape. Her attempt, although momentarily thwarted by Trevor, was pivotal in setting the wheels of justice in motion.

The narrative reaches its climax as Alisa’s fight for survival culminates in a dramatic rescue operation. With Trevor’s plans unraveling, he made a desperate attempt to take his own life, only to be thwarted by law enforcement’s timely intervention. The recounting of these final moments is gripping, painting a vivid picture of Alisa’s liberation from her harrowing ordeal. The episode does not shy away from the emotional aftermath of these events, providing a nuanced exploration of the psychological toll on Alisa and her children.

The Aftermath

The legal proceedings that followed Trevor Summers’ arrest are covered in detail, underscoring the importance of the judicial process in addressing such profound injustices. The episode delves into the courtroom drama, where Alisa’s courage in facing her assailant is highlighted as a pivotal moment in the trial. The conviction of Trevor Summers on multiple counts, including attempted murder, kidnapping, and sexual battery, serves as the episode’s denouement, offering a semblance of closure to the victims.

The prosecution meticulously built a case against Summers, highlighting a pattern of obsessive and controlling behavior that culminated in the attack on Alisa Mathewson. Through compelling testimonies and physical evidence, including the haunting use of Christmas lights to bind Alisa, the prosecution aimed to dismantle Summers’ narrative.

After less than eight hours of deliberation, the jury reached a unanimous verdict, finding Trevor Summers guilty on all charges, including attempted first-degree murder, kidnapping, and sexual battery. Trevor Summers was sentenced to life in prison, a decision that brought a sense of closure to the long and painful journey for Alisa and her children.


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