“Live to Tell: Sole Survivor”: 48 Hours Reports on Robin Doan Story June 8 2024

On the evening of June 8, 2024, CBS’s “48 Hours” revisits a poignant story of tragedy and resilience in “Live to Tell: Sole Survivor.” This episode delves into the life of Robin Doan, who, as a 10-year-old, was the only survivor of a horrifying massacre that claimed the lives of her family members in their farmhouse in Pampa, Texas. The narrative unfolds through Robin’s chilling 911 call, her miraculous survival, and the subsequent investigation that led to the arrest of the perpetrator. This feature article explores the events of that fateful night and the legal proceedings that followed.

The Night of the Tragedy

In the early hours of September 30, 2005, a nightmare unfolded in the remote town of Pampa, Texas. Robin Doan was awakened by the sound of gunshots that would soon claim the lives of her mother, stepfather, and brother. Despite her young age, Robin’s quick thinking led her to feign death, a decision that spared her from the same fate as her family. For over two hours, she lay still, surrounded by loss and peril, until she found the courage to reach out for help, marking the beginning of her journey as a sole survivor.

The assailant, Levi King, had broken into the Doan family home with the intent to kill. Armed with an AK-47 rifle, King executed a brutal attack, leaving a trail of death and destruction. The crime scene revealed multiple bullet casings and signs of forced entry, painting a grim picture of the events that transpired.

Investigation and Arrest

Following Robin’s 911 call, law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene. The investigation quickly gathered pace as detectives pieced together the evidence, which included bullet casings, shoe prints, and tire tracks that eventually linked the crime to Levi King. King, who had a criminal history and was recently on the run from a halfway house, became the prime suspect in the massacre.

The break in the case came when King was apprehended by border patrol agents in Texas after committing another crime in Missouri. During his interrogation, King confessed to the murders of Robin’s family as well as to earlier crimes in Missouri, leading to his arrest and charges for multiple homicides.

Trials and Sentencing

Levi King faced justice in two states for his crimes. In Missouri, he received two consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to avoid the death penalty for the murder of two other victims. The trial in Texas, however, was pivotal as it centered on the murders of the Doan family. Despite a strong push for the death penalty, King was ultimately sentenced to life without parole, a decision influenced by the jury’s inability to unanimously agree on capital punishment.

During the trial, Robin Doan, demonstrating immense courage and maturity, confronted King with a statement of forgiveness. This moment was not only pivotal for the legal outcome but also marked a significant step in her personal healing process.

Legacy of Survival

Robin Doan’s story is a profound narrative of survival and resilience. Despite the overwhelming tragedy, she has managed to forge a path forward, marked by forgiveness and a determination to not let her past define her future. Her journey from a traumatized child to a forgiving survivor offers insights into the power of the human spirit to overcome unimaginable adversity.

This episode of “48 Hours” not only recounts the chilling details of a night that changed a young girl’s life forever but also celebrates her incredible journey of survival and healing. It serves as a testament to the strength and resilience that can emerge from the depths of despair.

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