“Who Wanted Nicki Dead?”: 48 Hours Reports June 8 2024

On June 8, 2024, “48 Hours” re-aired a compelling episode titled “Who Wanted Nicki Dead?” featuring the chilling story of Nicole “Nicki” Lenway, a crime scene investigator from Minneapolis. In her first television interview since surviving a brutal attempt on her life, Lenway recounts the harrowing experience of being shot in broad daylight. Correspondent Erin Moriarty leads viewers through this gripping narrative, exploring the intricate details of the case, the investigation, and the subsequent trial.


The Day of the Shooting

Nicole Lenway’s life changed irreversibly on April 20, 2022, when she was attacked while picking up her child from a parenting center. Surveillance footage captured a figure approaching Lenway and shooting her twice at point-blank range, leaving her critically injured in the parking lot. Emilie Clancy, a passerby, witnessed the attack and swiftly came to Lenway’s aid, providing immediate assistance and calling 911.

This traumatic event marked the beginning of a complex investigation that would uncover a tangled web of personal relationships, professional challenges, and a custody battle that may have provided a motive for the attack.

Investigation and Initial Findings

As Lenway fought for her life, investigators began to piece together the circumstances leading up to the shooting. The crime scene outside the Familywise parenting center yielded crucial evidence, including surveillance videos and bullet casings. Early suspicions centered on Tim Amacher, Lenway’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, due to their tumultuous relationship and ongoing custody dispute.

Investigators scrutinized Amacher’s alibi and his activities around the time of the shooting. Although he appeared to have an alibi, being at the parenting center during the attack, his past actions and threats towards Lenway made him a person of interest.

The Trial and Legal Proceedings

As the case progressed to trial, the focus shifted to proving a connection between Amacher and the actual shooter. Despite his claims of innocence and lack of direct physical evidence linking him to the crime scene, prosecutors argued that Amacher had both the motive and the opportunity to orchestrate the attack. They presented evidence of his controlling behavior, his history of threats against Lenway, and his possible influence over the shooter, identified as Colleen Larson, a former taekwondo student and his romantic partner at the time.

The trial exposed the deeply toxic dynamics between Lenway and Amacher, including multiple allegations of abuse and manipulation. These revelations painted a grim picture of a relationship marked by control and fear, culminating in a violent act meant to end Lenway’s life.

Verdict and Aftermath

The jury ultimately found Tim Amacher guilty of attempted first-degree premeditated murder and aiding an accomplice, sentencing him to 18 years in prison. Colleen Larson, who admitted to pulling the trigger, was sentenced to 16-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to the same charges.

The verdict brought some measure of closure to Lenway, who continues to deal with the physical and emotional scars from the attack. Her story of survival and resilience highlights the ongoing challenges faced by victims of domestic violence and the complex legal battles that often accompany such cases.

Reflection and Continuing Impact

The episode not only revisits the chilling details of the crime but also explores its broader implications on victim advocacy and the criminal justice system’s handling of domestic violence cases. As Lenway and her supporters reflect on the journey, “48 Hours” offers a comprehensive look at the enduring impact of such a profound personal violation and the strength required to overcome it.

This detailed exploration serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the sometimes hidden dangers that can escalate into life-threatening situations.

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