What Happened to Lynn Hernan? 2024 Update & Background

Lynn Hernan was a long-time resident of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, where she lived a life marked by community involvement and personal interests. Born in 1956, Hernan was well known locally as a beautician, a profession through which she nurtured not only the appearances but also the spirits of her clients. Friends and family described her as a warm and caring individual, who had a passion for animals and often volunteered at local shelters. Her home was a reflection of her generous spirit, often open to friends for gatherings and celebrations.

Despite her outwardly social demeanor, Hernan faced significant personal challenges, particularly in relation to her health. In the years leading up to her death, she battled several debilitating conditions that increasingly limited her ability to work and partake in the activities she loved. It was during this time that she grew closer to Jessy Kurczewski, who initially offered support and companionship, and later assumed a more substantial role as Hernan’s caregiver.

Hernan’s Relationship with Jessy Kurczewski

Lynn Hernan’s relationship with Jessy Kurczewski began as a friendship and evolved significantly as Hernan’s health deteriorated. Kurczewski was frequently at Hernan’s side, assisting with daily needs and medical appointments. Over time, Kurczewski became involved in Hernan’s financial affairs, managing payments and helping with budgeting. This trust placed Kurczewski in a position of considerable influence over Hernan’s life, which unfortunately paved the way for the exploitation that followed.

According to friends and relatives, Hernan saw Kurczewski almost as a daughter, a sentiment that Kurczewski appeared to reciprocate. However, beneath the surface of their relationship, financial discrepancies began to emerge. Investigations later revealed that Kurczewski had been siphoning funds from Hernan’s accounts, amounting to nearly $300,000 over the final two years of Hernan’s life. This betrayal was hidden by a façade of care and loyalty that Kurczewski maintained until Hernan’s untimely death.

Circumstances of Death

On October 3, 2018, Lynn Hernan was found dead in her home under circumstances that initially suggested a possible suicide. Kurczewski, who found Hernan, told authorities that she believed Hernan had been overwhelmed by her health struggles and had taken her own life. The scene appeared to corroborate this theory, with medication and what was thought to be a suicide note nearby. However, subsequent investigations prompted by irregularities in the toxicology report turned the suspicion towards foul play.

The toxicological analysis showed a lethal concentration of tetrahydrozoline, a chemical commonly found in over-the-counter eye drops. This finding was inconsistent with the medications Hernan was known to take and suggested an external intervention. Further probing uncovered evidence that Kurczewski had been administering the substance to Hernan without her knowledge, leading to her death by poisoning.

Legal Outcome for the Attacker

The trial of Jessy Kurczewski was a focal point of local and national media attention due to the bizarre nature of the crime and the apparent betrayal of trust it involved. Kurczewski faced charges of first-degree intentional homicide and multiple counts of theft. The jury, after deliberating for two days, found Kurczewski guilty on all counts. The evidence presented at trial painted a clear picture of premeditation and exploitation, leading to Kurczewski’s conviction.

Sentencing for Jessy Kurczewski was severe, reflecting the gravity of her actions. She received a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 30 years, in addition to consecutive sentences for the theft charges. The court also ordered substantial restitution, aiming to address the financial damages incurred by Hernan’s estate. This case highlighted the vulnerabilities of individuals relying on others for care and the devastating impact of abuse of trust within such relationships.

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