“Capturing Moriah Wilson’s Killer”: 48 Hours Reports January 27 2024

 “48 HOURS: Capturing Moriah Wilson’s Killer,” to be broadcast on January 27 on the CBS Television Network and streaming on Paramount+, delves into the intricate and international investigation surrounding the tragic murder of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson. The episode, anchored by Jonathan Vigliotti, offers an exclusive insight into the case that gripped the nation with its complex web of relationships, jealousy, and ultimately, a fatal conclusion.

The Beginning of a Tragedy

On May 10, 2022, Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, a promising cyclist, arrived in Austin, Texas, with aspirations of triumph in the Gravel Locos race. Her stay at a friend’s apartment was supposed to be a mere prelude to her athletic endeavors. However, the discovery of her body with multiple gunshot wounds on the evening of May 11 marked a tragic end to her aspirations and life.

Unraveling the Mystery

The episode takes viewers through the intricate investigation led by the Austin Police Department. Key figures emerge, including Colin Strickland, a fellow cyclist who had dropped Wilson off at her friend’s place and had previously dated her. Austin police officer Marc McLeod shares insights from the investigation, noting Strickland’s shock and cooperation.

The Clues and the Suspect

Significant breakthroughs in the case came from surveillance footage and an anonymous tip. A neighbor’s doorbell camera captured a black Jeep SUV, owned by Kaitlin Armstrong, Strickland’s girlfriend, near the crime scene. This footage, combined with the tip about Armstrong’s alleged jealousy and violent intentions towards Wilson, directed the investigation towards her.

The Manhunt and Capture

Armstrong’s escape to Costa Rica and subsequent capture form a significant part of the episode. U.S. Marshals Damien Fernandez and Emir Perez recount the challenges of tracking down Armstrong in the small village of Santa Teresa, where many women bore a resemblance to her. Their creative approach, including placing an ad for a yoga instructor, and the eventual break in the case, highlight the meticulous efforts of law enforcement.

Background and Legal Proceedings

The episode also explores the backgrounds of Wilson and Armstrong, contrasting their different paths that fatefully crossed in Austin. The legal proceedings, including Armstrong’s trial, her escape attempt, and eventual conviction, are covered in detail, providing a comprehensive view of the case’s complexities.


“Capturing Moriah Wilson’s Killer” in 48 HOURS offers a poignant and detailed account of a case that serves as a somber reminder of the dark turns that personal relationships can take. The episode not only sheds light on the tragic loss of a talented athlete but also highlights the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement in the face of complex and challenging circumstances.

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