“Kristen Trickle: Autopsy of the Mind”: 48 Hours Reports April 27 2024

The unsettling death of Kristen Trickle in Hays, Kansas, on Halloween of 2019, serves as the subject of the “48 Hours” episode titled “Kristen Trickle: Autopsy of the Mind.” This episode explores the intricacies and troubling questions surrounding her untimely demise. Initially deemed a suicide by local authorities, the case takes a twist as new evidence suggests the possibility of foul play, sparking a complex investigation focused on her husband, Colby Trickle.

The Night of the Tragedy

On a chilling Halloween night, Colby Trickle dialed 911 to report his wife, Kristen, critically injured and bleeding in their bed. First responders arrived to find Kristen with life-threatening injuries, barely alive. This horrifying discovery led to immediate questions about the circumstances of the gunshot wound she suffered.

Despite Colby’s immediate call for help and his assertion that Kristen was alive when help arrived, the scenario presented to the emergency teams and later to the investigators suggested a more complex situation than a straightforward suicide. The position of the wound and the type of firearm used raised doubts about the feasibility of Kristen’s ability to inflict such harm on herself.

The Investigation Unfolds

Aaron Cunningham, the prosecutor handling the case, was skeptical of the suicide ruling. He highlighted inconsistencies in the weapon’s handling and the positioning of the injury. This skepticism led to a deeper probe into Colby’s actions and potential motives, which included troubling digital evidence and questionable financial activities before and after Kristen’s death.

In an unprecedented move, the authorities conducted a psychological autopsy on Kristen to better understand her mental state leading up to her death. This approach was intended to uncover any underlying issues that might not be immediately apparent, such as elements of her personal life with Colby that could have contributed to a potential motive for murder.

Trial and Conviction

As the case progressed to trial, the evidence presented painted a damning picture of Colby Trickle. His extramarital activities, coupled with his searches regarding life insurance and financial gains following Kristen’s death, formed the backbone of the prosecution’s argument. These elements suggested a premeditated act driven by financial incentives rather than an impulsive or defensive reaction.

After a jury deliberation that lasted just over two hours, Colby was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 50 years, emphasizing the premeditated nature of the crime and the betrayal of marital trust. Additional charges of interference with law enforcement were addressed with a six-month sentence.

Aftermath and Reflections

The verdict brought a somber sense of relief to Kristen’s family and the broader Hays community. Her uncle, Brant Rice, expressed a mixed sense of grief and resolve, emphasizing the need for healing and forgiveness in accordance with their faith. The family hoped that sharing their ordeal would raise awareness about domestic violence and encourage others in similar situations to seek help.

The legal resolution did not end the family’s struggle. A subsequent civil case concerning the handling of Kristen’s remains highlighted ongoing disputes, reflecting the deep wounds left by the tragedy. The community and family continued to grapple with the emotional aftermath, striving for recovery and remembrance of Kristen.

In “48 Hours: Kristen Trickle: Autopsy of the Mind,” the layers of this complex case are peeled back, revealing the profound impacts of domestic violence and the importance of thorough investigative practices in seeking justice. This episode not only explores the tragic loss of a life but also ignites conversations about psychological evaluations in criminal investigations, potentially setting a precedent for future cases.

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