Where is Colby Trickle Now? 2024 Update & Background

Colby Trickle was a resident of Hays, Kansas, where he spent much of his life. Information about his early years is relatively sparse in the public domain, but it is known that he was integrated into the local community. Colby’s life prior to the incident that garnered national attention appeared to be that of an average individual, with no notable public records of legal or social misconduct that drew significant attention before the events leading to his wife’s death.

Colby married Kristen, a woman well-loved in their community for her kindness and generous spirit. Initially, their marriage presented the image of a typical, if private, domestic life. However, as investigations would later reveal, underlying issues marred their relationship. Details that surfaced after the tragic incident painted a picture of a marriage fraught with hidden tensions and challenges that were not visible to the external observer.

The Incident and Subsequent Investigation

On October 31, 2019, Colby Trickle made a 911 call reporting that his wife, Kristen, had shot herself. Responders found Kristen critically wounded in their home, and she later succumbed to her injuries. Initially considered a suicide based on the circumstances described by Colby, the case took a turn as investigators delved deeper into the evidence and Colby’s version of events began to show inconsistencies.

Escalation to Murder Charges & Trial

Investigative efforts led to a reevaluation of the suicide ruling. Disturbing elements such as Colby’s extramarital affairs, suspicious internet searches relating to life insurance, and swift financial actions following Kristen’s death raised significant suspicions. These discoveries contributed to changing the direction of the case from a suicide investigation to one of homicide, with Colby as the prime suspect.

The trial of Colby Trickle was a focal point of local and national interest, revealing more about his actions and behaviors. Presented in court were pieces of evidence that portrayed a premeditation of murder, aiming for financial gain through the death of his wife. The jury found Colby guilty of first-degree premeditated murder after deliberating for just over two hours, reflecting the strength of the evidence against him.

Sentence and Current Status

Colby Trickle was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for 50 years, plus an additional six months for interference with law enforcement. This sentence was handed down based on his actions and the premeditated nature of the crime he committed. He is currently serving his sentence in a state correctional facility, where he will remain for the foreseeable future. The case has left a lasting impact on the community of Hays and serves as a stern reminder of the consequences of such grave actions.

Aftermath and Reflections

The case of Colby Trickle remains a poignant chapter in the legal history of Hays, Kansas. It not only brought to light issues surrounding domestic violence but also highlighted the importance of thorough investigative processes in criminal justice. Colby’s conviction brought some level of closure to the community and Kristen’s grieving family, who had to reconcile the harsh reality of her death with their need for justice and healing. The severity of the crime and its motivations have continued to be subjects of discussion and reflection among those who seek to understand and prevent similar tragedies.

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