What Happened to Nicole “Nicki” Lenway? 2024 Update & Background

Nicole “Nicki” Lenway is a crime scene investigator who has devoted her career to the forensic department of the Minneapolis Police Department. Her expertise and dedication in the field have made significant contributions to various investigations, reflecting her commitment to justice and public safety. Lenway’s role involves meticulous gathering and analyzing of evidence, which has helped solve numerous cases throughout her tenure.

Originally from Minneapolis, Lenway pursued higher education in forensic science, showcasing early on a keen interest in law enforcement and investigative techniques. Her educational background equipped her with the skills necessary to excel in a demanding and often challenging profession. Colleagues and mentors frequently noted her sharp analytical skills and her ability to remain composed under pressure, traits that have defined her career.


The Attack

On April 20, 2022, Nicole Lenway’s life was altered dramatically when she was attacked and shot twice at point-blank range in a parking lot while picking up her child from a parenting center. The attack, captured on surveillance cameras, showed a figure approaching Lenway and firing at her before fleeing the scene. The incident left Lenway critically wounded, fighting for her life with injuries that included a perforated lung and severe damage to her vocal cords.

The motive behind the attack was rooted deeply in personal conflicts, specifically involving her ex-boyfriend Tim Amacher, with whom she had a turbulent relationship and a contentious custody battle over their son. The severity of her injuries required extensive medical treatment and a lengthy recovery period, during which Lenway demonstrated remarkable resilience and strength.

Investigation and Legal Proceedings

The investigation into the shooting of Nicole Lenway was extensive and complex, involving multiple law enforcement agencies. Early evidence pointed towards Tim Amacher, Lenway’s ex-boyfriend, who was known to have a volatile relationship with her. Surveillance footage and bullet casings collected at the scene played a crucial role in piecing together the events that led to the shooting.

Tim Amacher and Colleen Larson, a former taekwondo student of Amacher’s and his partner at the time of the attack, became the primary suspects. Larson was identified as the shooter through additional surveillance footage and forensic evidence. The case against them was built on a foundation of motive, opportunity, and forensic evidence, leading to their arrest and subsequent trial.

Trial Outcome and Current Status

The trial of Tim Amacher and Colleen Larson was a high-profile event, drawing attention to issues of domestic violence and manipulation. Amacher was found guilty of attempted first-degree premeditated murder and aiding an accomplice, receiving a sentence of 18 years in prison. Colleen Larson, who admitted to the shooting, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16-and-a-half years in prison.

As of today, Nicole Lenway continues to recover from her physical and emotional wounds. Her survival story is not just one of overcoming a brutal attack but also of advocating for victims of domestic violence. Lenway’s experience has empowered her to speak out about her ordeal, making her a symbol of courage and resilience. Her continued work in forensic science, despite the challenges, underscores her unwavering dedication to her profession and her enduring strength of character.

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