’48 Hours’ Reports on “Andreen McDonald: A Millionaire Vanishes” December 9 2023

The disappearance of millionaire business owner Andreen McDonald sparked a complex investigation and a subsequent high-profile trial. Correspondent Peter Van Sant covers this gripping story in “48 Hours: Andreen McDonald: A Millionaire Vanishes,” scheduled for broadcast on Saturday, December 9 2023, on CBS.


Andreen McDonald, a millionaire business owner, vanished under mysterious circumstances on March 1, 2019. Known for her strict workout routine, alarm bells rang when she failed to appear for work and her usual gym visit. This led to an intensive investigation into her disappearance.

Andreen and Andre McDonald, a cyber warfare analyst for the U.S. Air Force, appeared to be a San Antonio power couple living a dream life. However, this illusion shattered with Andreen’s disappearance. Investigator Frank Stubbs found disturbing evidence in their home, including blood and hair on a light switch and her belongings left untouched.

Startling Discoveries

Following Andreen’s disappearance, a friend’s discovery of blood in the McDonald’s home led to a full-scale investigation. Andre’s actions, including hiring an attorney and giving conflicting information to police, raised suspicions.

Investigator Frank Stubbs found alarming evidence in the McDonalds’ home, including blood and hair on a light switch. Andre’s behavior and inconsistent statements to investigators further deepened the mystery. The discovery of suspicious items and blood-stained clothing in the couple’s car suggested foul play.

The search for Andreen, involving law enforcement and volunteers, came to a tragic end 133 days later when a local farmer found human remains. Andre McDonald was arrested for his wife’s murder shortly thereafter.

The Trial and Jury’s Decision

During his 2023 trial, Andre’s self-defense claim and details of a violent altercation with his wife shocked many. The prosecution presented evidence of a hammer attack, while Andre’s inconsistent narratives and peculiar behavior during the trial painted a disturbing picture.

Despite the evidence, the jury convicted Andre of manslaughter, not murder. Judge Frank Castro sentenced him to 20 years in prison, a decision influenced by Andre’s chilling demeanor and the brutal nature of the crime.

The trial revealed the extent of the couple’s troubled marriage, marked by allegations of infidelity and abuse. Andre’s testimony, describing the violent events leading to Andreen’s death, left a haunting impact on all involved, especially their daughter, who expressed her profound loss in a heart-wrenching letter.

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