What Happened to Andreen McDonald?

Background: History and Conflict

In San Antonio, Texas, Andreen McDonald, a successful millionaire business owner, and her husband, Major Andre McDonald, a cyber warfare analyst for the U.S. Air Force, were regarded as a power couple. They had a beautiful home, luxury vehicles, and a thriving business. Their life seemed perfect until Andreen mysteriously vanished on March 1, 2019.

Andre and Andreen’s relationship began in 2009 in Jamaica. Andreen, 10 years younger, moved to the U.S. with Andre, and they later had a daughter, Alayna. Despite their outward success, the marriage was troubled. They argued frequently, especially over business matters. On the night of February 28, 2019, their conflict reached a breaking point.

Andreen was known for her strict workout regimen, making her absence from work and the gym that morning alarming. Her employees, unable to reach her, contacted Carol Ghanbar, a close friend, who along with Andreen’s mother, Maureen Smith, discovered disturbing signs at the McDonalds’ home: blood and hair on a light switch in the master bathroom. This discovery initiated a massive investigation led by Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

Chilling Discoveries and Arrest

The case took a dark turn when investigators found blood on Andre McDonald’s clothing and newly purchased items, including a shovel and ax, suggesting foul play. Despite these findings, the lack of a body meant charges could not be brought forward.

For months, law enforcement, volunteers, family, and friends searched for Andreen, until a local farmer discovered human remains in July 2019, leading to Andre’s arrest for murder.

Trial Revelations

At his trial in early 2023, Andre McDonald offered a startling self-defense claim. He recounted a physical altercation with Andreen, leading to her accidental death. He admitted to disposing of her body and later attempting to destroy it.

Jury Verdict and Sentencing

After 12 and a half hours of deliberation, the jury found Andre guilty of manslaughter, not murder. He received a 20-year sentence, with an additional five years for tampering with evidence. The trial revealed a grim reality beneath the facade of their seemingly perfect life.


The impact of Andreen’s death was profound, especially on their daughter, Alayna, who expressed her heartbreak and anger in a letter read at Andre’s sentencing.

In a twist, Andre’s father, Everton McDonald, is also awaiting trial for the murder of two of his wives, adding another layer of tragedy to this complex story.

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