Where is Andre McDonald Now?

Background, Crime and Conviction

Andre McDonald, a 43-year-old Air Force Major, faced legal scrutiny in a case involving the brutal killing of his 29-year-old wife, Andreen McDonald. The tragedy unfolded in their home, where they lived with their young special-needs daughter.

McDonald was the prime suspect when his wife was reported missing on February 28, 2019. After months of investigation, Andreen McDonald’s remains were discovered in July 2019 in Bexar County. The prosecution painted a picture of a crime driven by rage, alleging that Andre McDonald was incensed over his wife’s affair and her plans to start a business without his knowledge.

Sentencing and Plea Agreement

The jury acquitted McDonald of murder but found him guilty of manslaughter. San Antonio District Court Judge Frank Castro gave McDonald 20 years for this conviction, but extended McDonald’s prison sentence by five years for actions post-murder: setting his wife’s corpse on fire and assaulting it with a claw hammer.

McDonald accepted a plea deal regarding the tampering with evidence charge, agreeing to a five-year sentence. The key deliberation during the hearing was whether this sentence would run concurrently with or consecutively to his manslaughter sentence. Judge Castro, aligning with the prosecution’s arguments about the heinous nature of McDonald’s actions, ruled that the sentences would run consecutively.

The defense maintained that McDonald had started to take responsibility for his actions. However, the prosecution highlighted the extreme measures taken by McDonald to cover up his crime, including the desecration of his wife’s body. This argument played a significant role in swaying Judge Castro’s decision to impose consecutive sentences.

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